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Youth Activism: from Knowledge to Action

Session 2

Lincoln Hall, LH 1028

11:20 AM - 12:30 PM

Did you know that Philippine National Hero Jose Rizal was only 26 when he wrote the novel that threatened Spanish colonial hold in the Philippines? Join us to learn about the history of Filipino youth who have created change, our role today in these pressing times and how we can come together to transfer knowledge into action. Whether you care about environmental justice, human rights and immigrant rights, we welcome you in your journey towards activism.

About the Facilitator

Louise Macaraniag


Anakbayan is an organization for Filipino youth fighting for the rights and welfare of the Filipino people in diaspora, for genuine democracy and liberation in the Philippines, and in solidarity with oppressed and exploited people in the world. Founded in the Philippines in 1998, the organization has multiplied tremendously as more youth and students join to fight for change. Currently there are over 30 chapters in the US alone.