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Pangalay Workshop - Tausug

Session 1

Mumford Hall, MH 103

10:00 AM - 11:10 AM

The Tausug are the coastal “people of the current”, known for their colorfully-painted vinta boats and their mastery of crafts. they’re also known for Pangalay, a traditional form that predates Christianity and Islam in the Philippines Sulu Archipelago. The style is performed with elongated brass fingernails (janggay), arm movements that look like waves (taut taut), and various bunga lima (hand gestures). https://www.parangal.org/tausug

About the Facilitator

Eric Solano

Eric Solano

Eric Solano is one of leaders in the Philippine folkloric dance field in the diaspora. He founded Parangal Dance Company in 2008 to advance and promote Philippine dance. He serves as its artistic director and choreographer. Parangal has performed on mainstages including SF Ethnic Dance Festival, Merrie Monarch Ho’ike-Hawaii, and festivals in Latin America, Europe and Asia.

He is a University of San Francisco adjunct professor of Philippine Dance, and trains multi-generational community folkloric practitioners

Central to Solano’s artistic practice is the building of authentic relationships with over 30 culture bearers over time through cultural immersions. Solano has created thirteen new works which consisted of creating awareness on 75 traditions under the guidance of culture bearers across the Philippine archipelago. Solano creates the essence of indigenous village for the proscenium stage with a narrative rooted in myths, daily life, or rituals, dance and music.