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Know Thyself: A Money Reflection Workshop

Session 1

English Building, EB 160

10:00 AM - 11:10 AM

Are you in control of your money, or does money control you?

For many people, money sparks overwhelming stress and anxiety, which is often rooted in financial illiteracy, strained relationships with money, and of course, a lack of money. This burden is especially heavy for marginalized groups, including people of color and immigrants, due to cultural and systemic challenges.

In this workshop, we’ll dig into your money scripts, your money habits, and your money mindset. You’ll be guided through Money Reflection Exercises geared towards non-judgmental self-awareness around your finances. You will develop your toolkit to foster a healthier relationship with money and achieve overall financial well-being.

About the Facilitator

Lissa Prudencio

Lissa Prudencio

Lissa Prudencio, AFC®, CFEI®, is an Accredited Financial Counselor®, content creator, and the founder of Wealth for Women of Color. With over 10 years of corporate experience at Google & YouTube, Lissa leverages her business expertise to remove barriers to wealth for women of color. She has grown her TikTok to over 25,000 followers by talking about finances in an inclusive, easy-to-understand way. Lissa is passionate about sharing her knowledge and empowering women of color to claim the wealth they deserve. Her mission is to bridge the wealth gap through educational resources, financial counseling, and partnerships with organizations.

Lissa was born and raised in Salinas, CA, to Filipino immigrant parents. Now based in Los Angeles, CA, she is passionate about being a lifelong learner & sharing her knowledge to empower others. Her hobbies include playing basketball, tennis, and pickleball.