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Imposter Syndrome: A Hot Mess of Harmfulness

Session 1

Lincoln Hall, LH 1051

10:00 AM - 11:10 AM

'Imposter Syndrome' is often used to describe internal experiences of intellectual phoniness that appears to be particularly prevalent and intense among a select sample of high achieving women. Explore the common ways imposter syndrome shows up and ways to combat it.

About the Facilitator

Amie Baumeister

Amie Baumeister

Amie is a two time alumna of the University of Illinois, having earned a B.A. in English as well as a M.Ed in Diversity & Equity in Education. She currently works as the Assistant Director of Gender Equity at the Women's Resources Center leading our efforts to explore gender equity across all its many intersections and support the leadership of students of all genders as they work to improve campus climate and promote gender justice worldwide.