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Creating Harmony and Identity Through Original Pinoy Music

Session 1

Lincoln Hall, LH 1027

10:00 AM - 11:10 AM

From 1920s Harana and Kundiman, to 1970s Manila Sound, and 2010s P-pop, Filipino music has constantly changed with the Filipino identity. With influences from Spanish musicians and American pop-culture, this ever-changing genre perfectly encapsulates the development of the Philippines from past to present. Through finding harmony and creating individual sound, we are able to take old material, and traditional culture and revitalize it into something new to reflect current identity. This workshop will look at the role harmony and arrangement plays in musical identity, and will allow participants to not only learn to create individual sound, but also gives them the opportunity to learn the Filipino language through song.

About the Facilitator



FIA'Liwan is a musical group stemming from UIC's Filipino organization, Filipinos in Alliance.

Consisting of male & female singers and instrumentalists, the group has grown to cover a wide variety of musical talent. The Filipino word 'Aliwan,' means entertainment, which reflects the talent, versatility, and flexibility of the group - not just as performers, but as entertainers.

The group serves as a creative outlet for those looking to express themselves through OPM music. Aiming to improve the musical skills of each member, this group encourages collaboration to both work, play, and sing in harmony. Through performances, FIA'Liwan aims to share and instill their passion with others, with hopes that it will inspire others to do the same, while also spreading love for OPM music.