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Create Your Own Brand

Session 2

Lincoln Hall, LH 1060

11:20 AM - 12:30 PM

Create Your Own Brand: or how to tell the story of your family through a single object

The most important wisdom of my life has been inherited through my family history-- through stories and documents left behind over hundreds of years. The most important work of my life has been in translating that wisdom through art. This workshop guides students through my process of collecting my history (found in letters, oral histories, photographs) and translating that into a clothing brand that can form community with others. The goal of this workshop is to direct students toward their own histories as an inspiration to build their own brands and communities.

About the Facilitator

Tanner Akoni Laguatan

Tanner Akoni Laguatan

Tanner Akoni Laguatan is a writer, designer, and entrepreneur living in Laguna Beach, California. He builds artificial intelligence for Google and runs Postcards Home, a clothing line inspired by his family's immigration from the Philippines.

Previously, he developed virtual reality programs at Meta, worked as a designer at IDEO, and launched multiple companies. He holds a B.A. in Comparative Literature and Translation from Brown University