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Sam Ogdoc

Sam is a first generation Filipino-American from Northern Virginia. He graduated from George Mason University where he studied systems engineering with a concentration in operations research. Sam has spent his entire career as a technical consultant within the Salesforce ecosystem. He started out working in customer support, eventually joined the implementation team to deliver client work, and currently works in Sales within the healthcare and life sciences industry. Outside of his career, he's married with dog, serves as Chief of Strategy for the PUSO foundation, and enjoys cooking, planning, and traveling.

Katalina Pahati

Katalina Pahati - Programmatic Specialist at Google, Co-Lead for the Filipino Googler Network Midwest Chapter, UMich Alum

Tanner Akoni Laguatan

Tanner Akoni Laguatan is a writer, designer, and entrepreneur living in Laguna Beach, California. He builds artificial intelligence for Google and runs Postcards Home, a clothing line inspired by his family's immigration from the Philippines. Previously, he developed virtual reality programs at Meta, conducted financial technology research in Indonesian fishing villages, launched multiple companies, and delivered mail as an agent's assistant at William Morris Endeavor. He holds a B.A. in Comparative Literature and Translation from Brown University. He grew up in Orange County, California, where he learned to surf. His first published essay "Between These Lives, Azeroth" in WIRED Magazine was selected for Best American Essays 2022.

Ferdinand 'Ferdi' Belga

Ferdinand Belga is the Founder and CEO for Ascertain Biosciences, an AI healthcare company optimizing patient outcomes. Ascertain’s lead asset is AI Depresssion, the 1st blood test to objectively diagnose depression. Additionally, with AI and the biomarker, they can predict which antidepressant is optimal for each patient.Prior to Ascertain, Ferdi held various C-level positions in pharmaceutical and medical device companies, one which IPO’ed in 2020. The lead asset in that IPO will potentially benefit those affected by the opioid crisis with a novel mechanism of action.Ferdi held various senior leadership roles at Abbott/Abbvie and a successful start up exit in 2017 for a rare disease company. Ferdi has held various leadership roles in the US, Singapore (covering the Emerging Markets: Russia, India, China) and ran a business in Russia.He earned an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University) and graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Biology, Pre Medicine. At the Univ of Illinois College of Medicine, he conducted studies and was a co-author of ground-breaking research where the parent laboratory won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2012.