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Natural History Building, NHB 2079

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Carline Dayon

Registered Nurse with 5+ years of experience, currently in Rehabilitation Nursing, Clinical Instructor for my unit, currently pursuing my MSN in Nurse Education, involved with Unipro Chicago outside of work

Emily Hurtarte

Hi Everyone! My name is Emily Hurtarte (she/her). I am a recent graduate at DePaul University with a BS in neuroscience and a minor in community service. During my 4 years in Undergrad I had grown a passion for cellular Neuroscience with a pre-med track. Through my studies in the last two years I found that I enjoyed learning about cellular neuroscience and found an interest of research in Alzheimers. Within my undergrad career through my minor, I had spent time immersed in the different Chicago neighborhoods and communities the city had to offer. My minor exposed me to opportunities to work with non-profits, community leaders, and aldermans to find ways to support different communities through an Asset Based Community Developement approach (ABCD method) and providing support in understanding ways to connect different identities through shared spaces! At DePaul I had created a portfolio of different leadership opportunities that allow me to share my passion to advocate community, culture, and identity on and off of campus. As I taught for two years to freshman/ transfer students of LGBTQIA+ history/ culture in Chicago, worked as a cultural Coordinator for the Office of Multicultural Student Success Office, and had opportunities to pick up projects with other Chicago leaders to highlight the importance of identity at DePaul and in Chicago. During the last academic year I was the president of KALAHI where we focused a lot on community and culture! Today I work as an administrative secretary at a Hospital, Beginning my research journey in Neuroscience, and am currently applying for Masters Programs before I begin my journey to go to medical school to pursue an MD/PHd.

Maria Van Gundy

My name is Maria Van Gundy and I am a 2018 graduate of UIUC. I was involved in PSA as Co-Cultural Chair, VPE, and FACT Co-Coordinator 2017. I am a first-year Family Medicine Resident at the University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson.

Kayleen Patriarca

Started as a medsurg nurse to LD, NICU, now I work in insurance as a RN reviewer

Inna Terrazas

Speech Language Pathologist working in the school systems as well as having a history of providing in home speech services. I previously worked with preschool (3-5 years old) and currently work in elementary (kindergarten to 5th grade).