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FACT 2022 Headliners - Ashley Mehta and Ella Jay Basco

November 5, 2022

Ashley Mehta and Ella Jay Basco will be our headlining performances at our Variety Show NEXT WEEK! 🤩 We are EXTREMELY excited to have these talented guests at our conference this year, and we hope you all are too. 🌟🌟 SEE YOU ALL SOON!

About Ashley Mehta

Ashley Mehta melds pop, R&B, hip hop and electronic music creating an ebullient, yet unique sound. Coming from the Bay Area, Ashley stylistically approaches her sound with her culture in mind. As her roots are from both Filipino and Indian backgrounds, Ashley showcases her presence with pride in her cultures.

With just her acoustic guitar and drive for music, Ashley set her music career in motion by singing medleys and covers at different venues, ranging from high school events to local coffee shops. Beginning her freshman year of college, she shifted her focus to original music. She released her first single and she continues to release new music. Ashley continues to radiate the same positive energy kept throughout her sound.

About Ella Jay Basco

Half Filipino and half Korean, Ella Jay Basco made her film debut in February 2020, donning Batgirl's mantle opposite Margot Robbie in Warner Brothers/DC movie Birds of Prey. Most recently, Basco recurs on NBC/Peacock's new show A FRIEND OF THE FAMILY, with Mckenna Grace, Collin Hanks and Anna Paquin. She has also guest starred on Veep and Grey's Anatomy. At 16 years old, she is blazing a trail for Asian American girls who are looking to see themselves on screen and in music. Ella Jay is also a singer-songwriter and plays the guitar, piano, and ukulele. Her most recent song EYE TO EYE, can be heard on KCRW and her music video BUBBLE TEA has graced the tv screens on MTV and Nickelodeon.